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Minimally Invasive Arthroscopic Surgery for Knee & Shoulder


Knee Arthroscopic Surgery in Pune

A knee arthroscopic is a kind of surgery in which a tiny camera is used to inspect the interior of your knee. A small incision will be made on your knee to provide room for the tiny surgical equipment and camera that will be utilized during the procedure.

The most common treatment for knee injuries and discomfort is knee arthroscopy. An arthroscopic surgeon uses a single, tiny device called an arthroscope to carry out arthroscopic surgery. Knee arthroscopic surgery with an arthroscope allows surgeons to carefully observe and operate on knee joints.

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Procedure of Knee Arthroscopic Surgery

  1. The anesthesia is into the nerves in your leg or groin. During the process, you will be temporarily asleep.

  2. You may have a cuff-like device wrapped around your leg during the procedure to help stop the bleeding.

  3. The surgeon will make two or three small incisions on your knee. Fluid (saline) will be pushed into the knee to cause it to expand.

  4. A tiny camera attached to the end of a thin tube will be inserted via one of the incisions. The camera attached to a visual monitor allows the surgeon to see within the knee.

  5. The physician may implant tiny surgical instruments via the other incisions on your knee. The surgeon will then either fix or eliminate the knee problem.

  6. After the surgery, the saline in your knee will be taken away. Once the surgeon has stitched your incisions shut with sutures, they will be dressed. Many surgeons take pictures of the procedure with the video monitor. You may be able to review these photographs following the surgery to see how it went.


  1. Allergy responses to medications.
  2. breathing issues.
  3. flowing blood.
  4. Virus Infection
  5. bleeding in the area of the knee.
  6. injury to the meniscus, ligaments, or cartilage in the knee.
  7. hematoma in the lower limb.
  8. Damage to a nerve or blood vessel.
  9. knee joint infection.
  10. stiffness in the knees

Benefits of Knee Arthroscopic Surgery

  1. Compared to open surgery, knee arthroscopy is a less invasive procedure. Through a skin incision, a surgeon can perform procedures and make diagnoses with an arthroscope—a tiny instrument.

  2. Knee arthroscopy surgery can be useful in the diagnosis of several conditions. such as continuous stiffness and pain in the joints, floating pieces of bone or cartilage, a fluid accumulation that needs to be draine

  3. The majority of these instances only require an arthroscopy. People may decide to have an arthroscopy rather than another surgical procedure since it frequently include: reduced tissue injury, a quicker recovery period, and fewer sutures, reduced risk of infection due to fewer incisions made during the surgery and less pain afterwards.

  4. However, arthroscopy may not be beneficial for everyone. The benefits of knee arthroscopy for patients with osteoarthritis or degenerative diseases are not well established.

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